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VINTAGE. RICH. ABR. HERDER CARBON STEEL 7" CURVED BUTCHER KNIFE SOLINGEN GERMANY   F.HERDER ABR.SOHN 2 spear pocket knife blades   F.HERDER ABR.SOHN 2 clip pocket knife blades   RARE WW 2 HERDER, PHILA "COMMANDO" COMBAT KNIFE VARIATION WITH SCABBARD   Herder knife Philadelphia made in the USA (lot#2211)   Vintage Friedr. Herder Abr. Sohn Butcher Knife w/ Spade Emblem Solingen Germany   F.HERDER ABR.SOHN Patch knife blade ( fork stamp )   F.HERDER ABR.SOHN Patch knife blade ( 2 line stamp )   F.HERDER ABR.SOHN 4 sodbuster pocket knife blades   LOT OF 7 VINTAGE CHEF'S KNIVES KITCHEN KNIVES FLINT ROBERT HERDER,GINSU,INTERPUR   Herder's Cutlery Knife - Great Shape   Herder's Cutlery Knife - Great Shape   Herder's Cutlery Knife - Great Shape   Herder's Cutlery Knife - Great shape   Vintage Frieder Herder Abn Sohn Knife Spade Emblem Soligen Germany Project Knife   Vintage F. HERDER KNIFE / DAGGER. Solingen. Ca 1800’s   Big FRIEDR HERDER Constant Solingen Germany Fixed Blade Wood Spade Handle Knife   Knife Herder Hunting   Vintage Richard ABR Herder Solingen 6 Small Butter Knife Set Fruitmessen Knives   VINTAGE R. HERDER .SOLINGEN Rostfrei Folding knife GERMANY   RICH A HERDER KNIFE   VTG HERDER ABR & SON 11" WOOD HANDLED CHEF SHARPENING STEEL KNIFE SHARPENER   ANTIQUE KNIFE, F. HERDER AND SON, SOLINGEN GERMANY,   VINTAGE F. HERDER SOLINGEN GERMANY SAILORS SPIKE KNIFE   VINTAGE F. HERDER SOLINGEN GERMANY SAILORS SPIKE KNIFE   FRIEDR HERDER ABR SOHN FLOATING FISHERMAN BOATER KNIFE SPIKE CORK RHETT STIDHAM   KNIFE SHARPENER RICHARD ABR HERDER SOLINGEN GERMANY BLADE - BUTCHER   German Slicer w/ Buffalo Horn Handle Solingen FRIEDR. HERDER ABR. SOHN Knife   Fine Vintage HERDER Chef's Spade Handle Carbon Steel Boning Knife RAZOR SHARP   Vintage Rich A Herder Solingen Germany & Imperial Prov. RI USA pocket knives   Vintage FRIEDR HERDER ABR SOHN SOLINGEN GERMANY Chef’s Knife Cleaver Blade Spade   Herder Solingen Germany Knives Kitchen knife making blade Crown mill spiceworks   Vintage L. Herder & Son Est 1847 phila pa stainless set of 6 knives   Rare WW2 German Combat Knife Marked F.Herder A.S 1940   ANTIQUE SILVER & GOLD GAUCHO KNIFE, F.HERDER & ABR SOHN SOLINGEN, BLADE   VINTAGE UNIQUE F HERDER A S ANNO1727 ANNO1848 2-BLADE FOLDING KNIFE STIDHAM